How To Improve Gut Health

gut-healthThere is a popular saying that goes thus; Health is wealth. This saying is true in every sense. The most important thing to a man is his life, and nobody should joke with their health as this is a major prerequisite that keeps you alive. Today we will be talking about ‘Gut Health’ and how we can improve it. But before we know what gut health is all about, and how we can improve it. We need to define the term ‘GUT’ and also see why it is necessary that we maintain a proper gut health.

What is the GUT?

The gut which is also called the “Gastrointestinal Tract” is a very long tube in the body. It starts at the mouth and ends at the anus. The mouth is the first part of the gut, down to the oesophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine, and then the anus. The gut is the body’s food processing machine. It takes the food from the mouth until it is absorbed or passed out as faeces.

How do I improve my gut health?

I want to educate you on proven ways on how to improve your gut and reduce the risk of gut illness.

1. Take less Refined Sugar: Your body doesn’t really need refined sugar. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take sugar at all. But there are natural sources of sugar that you can take that are more beneficial than refined sugar, e.g. sugarcane. Refined sugar causes a lot of problem in the body, these include; hormonal imbalance, inflammation, overweight, etc. The presence of refined sugar in the body also distorts the gut flora balance and influences the growth of bad bacteria.

2. Introduce Fermented Food In Your Diet: The intake of fermented food can bring about the introduction of good bacteria in your gut. Some examples of good fermented food are; kombucha, fermented tofu, tempeh, soy sauce, kimchi, kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut. Although it is advised to make your own as canned ones are often pasteurized and pasteurized food kills good bacteria.

3. Intake of Quality Probiotics: In order to also improve your gut health, you should also introduce your gut to the intake of probiotics. Probiotics help maintain healthy intestinal microflora. A good probiotics supplement should contain 5-10 billion colony forming units (CFUs). It is also advised to take the capsules other than the liquid as they can aid the bacteria to survive the corrosive stomach environment.

4. Adequate Intake of Antibiotics: We all know that antibiotics kill bacteria and it cannot differentiate between the good and bad ones. So it is advised to avoid abuse of antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics which leads to the upset of intestinal harmony can bring about an imbalance of bacteria in the body and that is definitely going to affect your health.

5. Reduce Your Stress Level: The existence of the brain/gut relationship makes it very possible for stress to affect your gut. When your body is stressed, your brain sends signals to your gut in form of chemicals and these chemicals go on to affect your gut functionality. Here are ways which you can reduce stress to support your gut health; meditation, exercise, aromatherapy, laughter and proper diet.

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Hi Guys, I am a passionate health blogger who believes that all diseases begin in the gut, infact death begins in the gut. Through Super Healthy Gut my motto is to help people understand more about what their gut is and how important it is for the overall health of the body. My aim is to let people gain more insight on healthy gut guide, digestive health, gut diet and probiotic supplements.