Leaky Gut Troubling You? Here Is The Solution To It

gut-leakyToday we are here to talk about the solution to that leaky gut that is troubling you. Before we talk about how to solve that leaky gut issue, let us first talk about what causes it in the first place. The major problem with leaky gut is that most of us don’t even know what causes it. But, when we know the causes of leaky gut, we can easily prevent it by abstaining from does things that cause it.

This syndrome can be defined by an increase in permeability of the gut, which is in response to irritation and undue inflammation of the intestine wall. This increase in permeability mainly causes malfunction of the gut. This gut malfunction can give rise to a number of negative effects on different body processes, food allergies and autoimmune diseases. Most doctors neglect ‘Colostrum Supplementation’ (which is an effective treatment for leaky gut) during diagnosis and they prescribe any other form of treatment for it.

Now that we have an in-depth knowledge of what leaky gut syndrome is and also what causes it. Let me take you through 7 solid steps on how to solve leaky gut problem. Now let us analyze these 7 solid steps to solve your leaky gut issue;

1. Eating habit and Lifestyle: There are factors outside your diet that can also contribute to leaky gut, inflammation and expansion of the intestinal pores. Excess Stress is one of those factors that not only cause leaky gut but also causes poor immune system, which wears down the body’s healing mechanism and adrenals. So we need to reduce our stress level for a better gut health. We should always ensure to have proper eating habit; this goes a long way in improving digestion.

2. Medication: We should be very mindful of the medications we use such as; excess antibiotics, NSAIDs, painkillers and some extreme medications. These drugs are difficult to digest and they cause gut inflammation. Always speak to your physician before using any form of medication.

3. Cleanse your gut: As long as your gut still harbors overgrown candida, excessive bad bacteria, and parasite; your leaky gut issue cannot be resolved. You need to analyze your pathogen level and cleanse your gut. Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements are the perfect gut cleansers and they also maintain your candida level.

4. Remove Unhealthy Food: This process includes removing of sugar, additives and any other gut harmful nutrient. There are various types of diet which you can adapt to and there are some you can match and mix. This depends on the amount of body cleansing you need.

5. Replace With Healthy Food: Just as we have discussed earlier, when you cleanse your gut and remove the unhealthy food, you simply replace with healthy ones that will give optimal gut health. Maintain a healthy diet.

6. Introduce Supplements: You should add the following list of supplement to your diet; Probiotics, Prebiotics, Fermented food, multivitamins, B12, L-glutamine, Zinc, and cleansing blend. These supplements will go a long way in solving your leaky gut problem.

7. Balance Diet for Long term Health: After following all these listed procedures above and you notice your leaky gut has been healed, do not go back into your old ways. Continue in this same diet and lifestyle.

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