The Importance Of Good Gut Health

importance123The importance of a good gut health cannot be over emphasized. Just as a wise man once said ‘All Disease Begin in the Gut’. We should be very careful as to what happens to our gut as it can affect our general body health. The body’s second brain as it is often called is as important as our life itself. So we should consider it as such. Negligence to taking care of our gut will result in diverse types of chronic inflammatory conditions, depression and poor immune system. It may interest you to know that 70% of our immune system resides in the gut. So keeping a healthy gut is equal to keeping a general body health. For us to really see how important our gut health is to our body, let us take a look at the role of the gut in the body.

What Role Does The Gut Play?

The gut is the gatekeeper to your body. It is also home to trillions of microorganisms that work hand in hand to limit the overgrowth of bad bacteria. The gut works endlessly to metabolize the necessary body nutrients and also destroy harmful toxins. You can characterize a healthy gut by a strong gut lining and good balance of bacteria. This strong gut lining acts as a wall to prevent strange substances from breaking and entering into our body. When the bacteria balanced and gut lining strength is compromised, this makes the gut unable to carry out its function and also prone to attack. Harmful toxins can penetrate through the weak lining and into our bloodstream. This imbalance can also be a good breeding ground for bad bacteria to grow.

What Can Good Gut Health Do To My Body?

There are many ways in which good gut health can affect your body positively. Good gut health can affect your mood positively and also affect you mental health, emotional health, neurological health, and psychological health positively.

Remember an old saying that goes thus; “you are what you eat”. It might sound very funny, but 90% of what provides good gut health comes from what we eat. The type of substance we take into our body has either a positive or negative effect on our gut and general body health, this depends if the food is healthy or unhealthy. The fact that it is food doesn’t automatically make it good for our body. The gut and brain work together to keep the body in shape. So whatever affects your gut also affects your brain. Certain microbes found in the gut also help the brain function in a long-term.

Our diet nowadays is filled with sugary food, processed food and fatty food. And all of these mentioned foods damage the gut and make it weak. Food filled with gluten and simple carbohydrates are harmful to the brain. So we should be careful of what we eat.

What Are The Causes of Bad Gut Health?

There are a lot of factors in our modern day life that can contribute to poor gut. These factors include; bad diet, overuse or abuse of antibiotics and other medications, infections and gut imbalance, overload of toxins in the body, insufficient digestive enzymes, and chronic stress. These factors can greatly affect our gut. So we are advised to make sure we always protect our gut at all times and makes sure we have an optimal gut environment as this will in turn secure our general body health.

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